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Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulders

We are one of the UK’s leading plastic injection moulders, offering a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. We have a wide range of plastic injection moulders, from Manumould (for economy or small quantities) to machines with up to 500 tons capability (providing higher clamping force for larger parts or stiff materials). So whatever your requirements, we have the plastic injection moulders to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on our maintenance of up-to-date customer information and databases to ensure that we provide fully integrated technical support to all our customers. Our friendly and professional workforce are committed to working in partnership with suppliers and customers. If technical expertise combined with a flexible approach is what you require, then we are the plastic injection moulders you are looking for.

Materials Used Secondary Capabilities
ABS Pad Printing
PVC Drilling
PPCP CopolYmer Screen Printing
PBT Push-Lock lnsert Fitting
Nylon 6 Hot Foil Printing
PET Plating and Printing
Nylon 66 Ultra-Sonic Welding
TPE Fan Balancing
Nylon 30% Glass Filled 66 Heated lnsert Fitting
HD/LD Polyethylene Assembly
Nylon 30% Glass Filled 6 Vacuum Forming
Various Engineering Polymers Screen Printing
Polycarbonate Foam cutting
Acrylic (pmma)

Our in-house product design service and expertise in toolmaking ensure that we create the perfect plastic injection moulders to suit your requirements. Here at A2B Plastics, our wide range of plastic injection moulders and experienced team enable us to take a flexible approach to meeting the needs of our customers.

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