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Plastic First Aid Boxes

First Aid Box Manufacturers – First Aid Boxes

A2B Plastics are a leading UK first aid box manufacturer.

Any of our range of plastic carry cases and plastic boxes can be used as first aid boxes. We can provide empty first aid boxes in any colour and printed with a standard first aid cross and wording on the front as shown in the following examples. Alternatively we can print them with your own first aid logo, which can include your company logo and name and any other details that you may require. A2B Plastics is a first aid box manufacturer that understands the importance of working with our customers to ensure their precise requirements are met.

MAR11 & MAR11A

The MAR11 & MAR11A come in two sizes as shown to the right. Both of these empty first aid boxes come complete with optional wall bracket and have a variety of applications. More commonly they are used in first-aid applications as eyewash stations or as first aid boxes. The wall bracket allows the box to be mounted onto a suitable surface such as a wall or in a vehicle and allows easy and quick removal for emergency situations.

One of our more popular products, the eyewash station comes complete with an insert to hold 2 x 500ml eyewash bottles and an eye pad . It comes complete with an optional wall bracket and can be configured for different uses.

This item is available in a range of colours. Commonly the eyewash station is manufactured in a clear material that shows the contents. However, due to its detachable lid, it can be produced in a range of colours with different coloured base and lid combinations.

The wall bracket also allows the eyewash station to be mounted on a suitable surface within a vehicle.

As a leading first aid box manufacturer, we at A2B Plastics know how important it is for you to find the first aid boxes to suit the needs of your business. Whatever application you require empty first aid boxes for, we will be glad to assist you in agreeing a suitable configuration to meet your needs.

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